Easter People

The Lord is risen!  The Lord is risen indeed!

On Easter Sunday, while it is still dark, we gather with thousands of other faithful at Salem Square to bear witness to Christ’s resurrection.  The Lord is risen indeed! Some of us will also join our brothers and sisters from St Philips at the 2nd St Philips Graveyard to join in the service from there, with audio streamed from the main section of God’s Acre.  This year, the service will be led by the Rev. Chaz Snider, pastor of Ardmore Moravian Church.

We Moravians are often called “the Easter people,” in part because of these memorable Easter sunrise services — but also because the faith of the risen Christ is central to our belief and practice.  Moravians believe that in the incarnation, when God was born as a baby and experienced all of being human, something was fundamentally changed about the world — and that at the death and resurrection of Christ, the whole relationship between God and humanity was transformed.  Because Christ has died, because Christ has risen, we are called to live for Him — and to show others His love through humble service.  

I’d like to extend a special word of thanks to all the Trinity folks who worked so hard to make Holy Week and Easter the amazing experience that it is!  It takes many, many faithful workers to make everything happen.  From our wonderful choirs (senior and Logos) to our Holy Week readers; from our ushers, dieners, and band members to all the faithful folks who decorate the sanctuary and the graveyard; to those who organize and participate in the amazing Cross Walk.  All of you know who you are, and I know that you work so hard because of your faith — but I want to thank you for that faithful work!

                          -Pastor John

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