Holy Humor Sunday

In recent years, Trinity has been participating in an old Orthodox custom – that of telling jokes the week after Easter.  After all, the Resurrection was the biggest practical joke on the Devil that there ever was; and if you can’t have a good belly laugh about life after the Resurrection, you’ve probably got the wrong end of religion!

So Sunday, April 28 will again be Holy Hilarity Sunday here at Trinity, and there’s no telling what to expect during the 11 am worship.  Those of sour demeanor and inability to laugh at themselves had best stay home or visit another church that Sunday.

However, if you enjoy a good laugh at life and believe that God has a sense of humor – and that humor is a blessing from God – we’ll save a pew for you on Sunday, April 28th!

If you have a favorite joke that you’d like to tell (or have told) during the service, please contact Pastor John.  Jokes that are nasty, denigrate others, or would make Jerry Jackson blush are not appropriate.  However, jokes on the devil have pretty wide latitude.  We have a strict limit on jokes about dogs walking into bars, but no limit on variations of the old “How Many BLANKS Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?”

This year will be a musical Hilarity Sunday, with some fun old hymns like Turn Your Radio On and The Royal Telephone—as well as a really amazing antiphonal Logos “Thank You” conceived in the spur of the moment my the Zeisberger Table!

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