Passion Week Reading Services

Part of our Moravian Easter tradition is to meet each night of Holy Week (or Passion Week, from the Latin word passus, “to suffer”) and read a portion of the events of that week in Jesus’ life leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection.  We sing stanzas of hymns that pertain to the readings, and use this time together to reflect upon the awesome events that were woven together by God to create the first Easter.

We encourage you to set aside the time to meet with us each evening of Passion Week beginning on Palm Sunday to share in this devotional experience.  The weeknight services will be held in the Rights Chapel this year.  The Good Friday Tenebrae Service blends the readings with special music from the choir and the experience of darkness
as the candles are extinguished in the sanctuary.  This impressive experiential service ends in darkness and silence following the story of the burial of Christ.

Experiential Maundy Thursday Communion

Last year, we held a special experiential communion service for Maundy Thursday in the Reich Fellowship Hall.  In addition to the Holy Week Readings, we experienced Holy Communion in a different way.  The participants were seated in tables of twelve, and they shared the elements with one another.  It was a profound and moving experience, and we plan to use the same kind of service this year.  We hope you will plan to attend!

April 14
7 pm – Holy Week Reading Service & Lovefeast  (SANCTUARY)

April 15
7 pm – Holy Week Reading Service (RIGHTS CHAPEL)

April 16
7 pm – Holy Week Reading Service (RIGHTS CHAPEL)

April 17
7 pm – Holy Week Reading Service / LOGOS  (RIGHTS CHAPEL)

April 18
7 pm – Maundy Thursday  Communion (REICH FELLOWSHIP HALL)

April 19
7 pm – Good Friday Tenebrae Service  (RIGHTS CHAPEL)

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