Facebook Advertising

Thanks to the action of our Board and to a private donation, we are testing a new series of video ads and paid promotions on Facebook that integrate with new  features on our church website.  These are designed to target folks in a ten mile  radius of  the church, which encompasses most of Winston-Salem and surrounding communities.  You can see the ads by visiting our Facebook group or our You tube Channel:


(Sorry, we can’t set up a nice, easy-to-remember channel like www.youtube.com/TrinityMoravian  until we have 100 subscribers – so while you’re there, please subscribe!)New spots will be added as they are launched, and portions will be featured on a website.  The special funding we have will fund three months of tests, and in January the Board will review the response to (and effectiveness of) the campaign and decide how we will proceed in 2020.

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