We are happy to announce that next Sunday, April 18th, we will return to in-person worship in our sanctuary.  Easter Sunday we had a wonderful service on the lawn, but we had huge technical problems webcasting from outside.  Our board has met and reviewed the many issues involved, and has voted now to go back to in-person Sunday School and worship on a regular basis.

Bear in mind that this will not be like flipping a switch.  It will be gradual.  There are many people who will still not feel safe coming out for in-person worship, and we will be working to make sure that the webcast is easily available for them.  We will not be having child care or Coffee Fellowship at first.  Go ahead and bring the children to worship, bring a blanket and some toys, we have activity bags for them.  We’d love to have them.  As time goes on, we will organize a new child care team and will announce later when that will start up.  We’ve done our best to keep everything in the century-old building working, but we may run into some problems as we use equipment that has not been used for an entire year.

The six foot social distancing requirement limits the number of people we can seat in the sanctuary.  We will need to seat some folks in the balcony, and if there is a Sunday that we max out, we will be prepared to stream the live service to the screen in the Reich Fellowship Hall and use that as an overflow area.

Please be aware that conditions could change.  In the event of an active exposure, or another peak in infections in our area, we might have to return to all-virtual worship. 

At first, we will have to limit the amount of singing that goes on.  This is probably the hardest part of COVID restrictions for Moravians, but there is good science behind it.

Please be patient with us during this transition time.  It may not go as quickly as you want; but we are open to suggestions that may help the process.  One lesson that we’ve learning during this pandemic is that our actual congregation extends far beyond the walls of the building.  Our virtual congregation regularly includes people from all over NC and many other states, ranging from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, all the way to Kansas and Colorado.  Through our webcast, we have been in touch with many of those folks and want to continue to do so through the webcast, our Facebook group, and our website.

We do encourage you to get one of the vaccines, which all seem to be very effective and safe.  The more people that are vaccinated, the faster we can return to more normal worship and singing safely.  The vaccines are now available to all folks 16 years old and up.  If you have doubts or questions about the vaccines, I’d be glad to talk to you and connect you to a medical professional who can answer your questions.  I had the Johnson & Johnson; Debbie had the Pfizer; and Abby had the Moderna. So we’re an ecumenical family!

The last time we worshiped together in the sanctuary was exactly 13 months ago. But now we take the first steps toward gradually returning to a more normal type of worship and fellowship.  Thanks be to God!