2024 Church Board


  • The Rev John Jackman, Chair
  • June Edwards, Vice-Chair
  • Tammi Bass (Salem Congregation Elder)
  • Suzanne Bennett
  • Mary Bergstone – Secretary
  • Terri Cheek
  • Greg Gentle (Salem Congregation Trustee)
  • Robert Hege
  • Allison Scott Hudson
  • Terri Mabe
  • Shirley Mullis
  • Cynthia Tesh

Trinity Moravian Church has a single unified board.  The Pastor serves as Chair.  Members are elected by the Church Council for three-year terms; each member is eligible to serve two consecutive terms if re-elected, but then must take a break for a year after the second term. Elected representatives to the Salem Congregation Trustees and Elders have a voting seat on the local Board.