Frequently Asked Questions

Faith-Related Questions

This section is under development.  Please check back later.  You may send any faith-related questions to pastor@trinitymoravian.org

Email Questions

  1. "Emails from the church go to spam on my Gmail account." This has been a significant problem the last few months.  The problem can be reliably fixed by following the detailed directions on this page:  Church Emails Flagged as Spam in Gmail
  2. How can I email church staff?  On the STAFF PAGE, each staff member has an email link.


  1. "Sometimes I get a call from the church phone number that is blank."  Generally, in a full call of all church members, there will be one or two "blank" calls where the hardware fails to play the recorded message.  This is certainly not intentional.  We have been able to reduce the number of instances by running the hardware on a newer computer, but we still get reports.  The Phonetree company is no longer supporting the older hardware-based units, and is trying to push customers to migrate to their (very expensive) cloud-based service.  For the moment, we will be staying with the hardware that we own, since the cloud-based service would add a significant line item to our budget.
  2. "Can I get a text message on my cell phone instead of a voice message?"  YES, our current Phonetree software can do this.  We are in the process of testing this part of the system.  Please let the church office know if you would like to be on the list receiving texts rather than voice messages.