What is it like to worship at Trinity?

Trinity is a very informal congregation.  Many people attend services in suit & tie or a dress, but just as many come dressed informally. You are welcome to come as you are!

If you visit Trinity on a Sunday morning, expect to have a number people greet you and introduce themselves – but you’re welcome to sit anonymously in the back or in the balcony.  We don’t call attention to visitors or ask them to introduce themselves in worship.

Trinity is an active congregation with many programs, so there is always a time for announcements before worship, this is a time when prayer concerns are also shared.

The worship service includes different styles of music including contemporary songs and newly written hymns.  Music is a core part of Moravian worship, and so there is a great deal of congregational singing and we enjoy the music of our adult choir, the contemporary and upbeat LOGOS youth choir, a bell choir, and beautiful Moravian chorale band.

Children are welcomed in worship, and there is a children’s sermon every week.  There is a nursery for babies and younger children as well.  The nursery is staffed by a rotation of experienced volunteers.  There are always two volunteers on duty.

We use a Moravian liturgy in every service, which is a common responsive prayer that is experiential in nature.  Scripture lessons are read by laypersons from the congregation, and are usually the same lessons shared in Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian, and other churches.

The sermon is focused on the Scripture lessons, and often emphasizes the words and actions of Jesus in the Gospel lesson.  The message is usually one that connects to daily living and spiritual growth in today’s world, and emphasizes the love of God and faithful grace-filled living.  You can listen to some of Pastor Jackman’s sermons online at http://sermon.net/tmc.

Trinity Moravian Church is part of the SAFE SANCTUARIES program.  All staff and volunteers who work with children have undergone a background check, drug testing, and have had video training in handling problems that may arise.