What We Believe

Moravians believe deeply in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, but we do not seek to define every aspect of doctrine and faith. We teach the essentials of faith, leaving the nonessentials to the individual believer to discern as they grow in their own spiritual journey. We believe that the manner in which we live our lives is the most important testimony. Those who live a life of love and respect for others testify more clearly of God than those who only preach doctrines.

The informal motto of the Moravian Church is:

In essentials, UNITY
In non-essentials, LIBERTY
In all things, LOVE

The Moravian Church emphasizes only those core values that are made clear in the Bible, especially those taught and lived by our Lord Jesus Christ, who we regard to be the highest and best revelation of the nature of God. Issues that are not made clear in the Bible, particularly those that have historically divided the Church, are left to the individual believer. For example, the Moravian Church is one of the only denominations that does not teach a specific understanding of communion; people of Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Baptist backgrounds are welcome to meet at the Lord’s Table where each understanding of Communion will be respected.

Some of our basic beliefs are contained in a document known as The Ground of the Unity.

Members of the Moravian Church agree to be bound by The Moravian Covenant for Christian Living.

The Moravian Church is historically classified as an “EVANGELICAL” church, which simply means that we actively seek to share the wonderful news of Christ with others. This has little to do with the typical current use of the word, which has in recent years become associated with the “religious right.” This is emphatically not who we are; we seek to share Christ’s love in gentle friendship. We do not browbeat, and we don’t use the Bible as a weapon to humiliate others or denigrate those who have different beliefs. You won’t hear sermons about hell – but you will be challenged to change your life to better express the love of God. We believe that all people need to turn their hearts toward God and discover for themselves the amazing grace that Christ brings.

The Moravian Church does not focus so much on “right doctrine,” but rather on “right living.” Rather than signing on to a list of beliefs, members are asked to agree to a standard of life known as The Moravian Covenant for Christian Living.

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