Anthony’s Plot

Anthony’s Plot
 is a Moravian intentional Christian community of faith that combines residency, community development work, and a socially-relevant and spiritually-hopeful outreach to bring the good news of Jesus to visible reality our lives, our household, and our neighborhood.

The name of the group derives from Anthony Ulrich, a freed slave from St. Thomas, who first appealed to the Moravians of Herrnhut to send missionaries to preach the Gospel to his people.  Those first missionaries went to St Thomas in 1732 believeing that they might have to sell themselves into slavery to be able to minister to the slaves there.

Anthony’s Plot is a growing network of people striving to reflect our love for Jesus as we share our lives and use our collective gifts to strengthen and support those who face sudden or systemic disenfranchisement, to invite and encourage those who seek spiritually, and to challenge and enable one another to become more like the individuals and the interdependent community Jesus has taught us to be.

Our community is made up of long-term residents, short-term residents (learners, workers, guests, and visitors), very active participants, and many supporters (some who are local individuals and groups, and some who help sustain us through their involvement from afar).

We would love to have you join “the Plot” in whatever way the Spirit leads us to commit to together. Join us for an event, visit us to see what we do, but most of all consider what good you can do from right where you are now — in that, we are already partners!

Visit Anthony’s Plot at 2323 Sunnyside Avenue – right next door to Trinity Moravian Church!

or visit Anthony’s Plot on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AnthonysPlot

or online at www.anthonysplot.org/