The Midweek Miracle in Sunnyside

LOGOS is an absolutely amazing program that meets every Wednesday evening from 5:30 – 7:45. All schoolchildren from 1st – 12th grades are welcome for an evening of food, fun, fellowship, crafts, learning, and music.

At 5:30, we all gather for a home-cooked meal. Children sit in age groups with volunteer table parents (and grandparents!) and enjoy a family-style meal. Following supper, the children attend rehearsal of the LOGOS CHOIR. All ages participate in singing upbeat, contemporary music that accentuates what they learn and live in Logos. The Logos Choir sings regularly in our worship services.

Each group then participates in a CLASS period where they learn something about the Bible, and have a chance to discuss the lesson freely.

All age groups then take part in a CRAFT/ACTIVITY period where they make interesting, Bible-related crafts or participate in team-building games and educational activities. This year we have enhanced this period with special ACTIVITY NIGHTS once a month that include an exciting hands-on educational activity. The Middle School group has a very active PUPPET MINISTRY program, where all the participants learn puppetry and put on a program for the church.

Finally, the evening closes with a Chapel, during which Pastor John or one of the other leaders relates a Bible story or parable to our daily life, and we close with a circle prayer and the singing of “Jude Benediction.”

LOGOS has been an active force in the community for over 25 years – this important ministry has touched the lives of hundreds of children!

2019-2020 season of LOGOS started September 4 at 5:30!  LOGOS is underway!

QUESTION: Can my child start LOGOS if we missed the September 4 registration?
ANSWER: Yes!  New children can join the program at any time.  

2019-2020 LOGOS Evening Schedule

SUPPER 5:30-6:00
CHOIR: 6:05-6:35
CHAPEL CLOSING: 7:35-7:45 (Held in Reich Fellowship Hall)

Email Pastor John or call the Church office at 336-724-5541 for more information about becoming a part of Logos. New children can register at any time.