We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

We are currently searching for people to help in three areas. All jobs are part time, competitive pay commensurate with experience. Applicants should send resume to pastor@trinitymoravian.org.

Office Coordinator
Trinity Moravian Church is looking for a responsible, part-time church office coordinator to be responsible for managing the daily operations of the church office, through supervising staff and volunteers, managing the church’s schedule of events, and keeping accurate records. The Office Coordinator works with other paid staff (music/bookkeeper/publications/social media/maintenance) and volunteers for various roles, works with the community, and supports the pastor and other church staff members.
Church Administrator Responsibilities:
• Managing daily operations and maintaining office supplies, equipment, and records.
• Coordinating office volunteers to staff office during specified hours.
• Maintaining calendar of church events/building usage.
• Assisting in church communications and publications, creating and distributing bulletins and newsletters with staff and volunteers.
• Building and maintaining relationships with the congregation and community.
• Ability to use Microsoft Office and similar software required, experience with PowerChurch a plus.
10-12 hours/week, pay depending on experience.
This job could be combined with bookkeeper position for qualified individual.

Trinity Moravian Church is seeking a part-time bookkeeper to maintain the financial records of the church using PowerChurch software. Involves entry of donations and all transactions, processing of financial reports for treasurers, board and members. Job can be partially remote but does require some physical presence in the office each week.
• Maintain complete and accurate records of all church financial, employment and business transactions. Assure that all financial, employment and business records and all transaction data are correctly, accurately and timely documented and maintained.
• Work with Treasurers and Finance Committee to obtain an annual audit/review that encompasses all cash accounts of the Church. Prepare for and cooperate with those appointed to perform a yearly audit of financial records.
• Enter all invoices submitted for payment, cut checks, submit to the appropriate Treasurer for signature, and prepare for mailing.
• Balance and reconcile checking account and investment accounts and submit for review.
• Prepare monthly reports for the Board/Finance Committee.
• Process payroll reports and check for Province monthly basis.
• Prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly payroll tax forms and make necessary deposits and prepare W-2s and 1099’s at year-end.
• Prepare a yearly budget report for Province
• Prepare and file financial reports required by the Province
• Attend and participate in occasional Church staff meetings as required.
Ability to work with Microsoft Office software and bookkeeping software. Experience with PowerChurch a plus.
10-12 hours/week, 2-4 hours on site to print checks and reports. Pay depending on experience.

For confidentiality reasons, this employee should not be a member of the congregation.
This job could be combined with office coordinator position for qualified individual.

Social Media/PR/Webcast
Trinity Moravian Church is seeking a social media/outreach worker to maintain and grow our visibility and presence on the internet and social networks. As a social media manager, you will work with the pastor to create and place new social marketing campaigns, and manage published content. Work with volunteer webcasters and Powerpoint operators.
Basic operation of Powerpoint and webcasting tools such as OBS necessary, familiarity (or ability to learn) Facebook, Instagram, X, and Tik-Tok operations, particularly professional interface for advertising.
You will work with web analytic tools to track campaign progress and research industry trends. A successful social media manager will collaborate with the Creative and Pastoral Teams to align with church messages, promotions, and goals.
The ideal candidate will possess basic understanding of social media, website operation, and content creation. We are looking for an energetic, creative, and personable individual who is highly involved and passionate about community engagement.

• Work with pastor to develop promotional content for social media platforms
• Plan paid social media advertising strategies and budgets, implement social media strategies, campaigns, and plans to build brand/church awareness
• Oversee day-to-day management of online campaigns, incl. Google Ad Grant
• Monitor social media progress using web analytic tools
• Review the success of campaigns and develop ways to improve
• Maintain an active social presence
• Reply to social media comments and inquiries.
• Help with weekly webcast, taking at least one Sunday a month.
• Help maintain and curate service and event webcasts.
6-12 hours/wk. Pay depending on expertise and experience.

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Easter 2024 Newsletter

Easter 2024 Newsletter

The Trinity newsletter for Holy Week and Easter is ready online — and in the mail to households! You can read it here, it’s also available in our Facebook group and will soon be in members’ mailboxes.


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Unity Offering 2024

Unity Offering 2024

March 1st is observed as the anniversary of the founding of the Unitas Fratrum in 1457. Each year on this date, Moravians across the world join together to support the work of the Unity through a special offering. This year, we are invited to give in support of Ukrainian refugees in Germany and the Czech Republic. WE WILL TAKE A SPECIAL OFFERING ON SUNDAY MARCH 3 AT TRINITY.
Learn more at UNITY OFFERING.

Please submit gifts through your local congregation, directly to the Northern Province, or through the MMFA Giving Portal at GIVING PORTAL.

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$6.5 Million Debt Abolished!

$6.5 Million Debt Abolished!

On Sunday, January 28, a list of 2,973 debts was symbolically burned during our worship service, representing $6,560,412 in crushing medical debt owed by poor families in Wake County, NC. Our Christmas campaign for the Debt Jubilee Project planned to raise $20,000 over six weeks — but ended up raising $43,169! We partnered with Raleigh Moravian Church, The Table Moravian Church, Fries Memorial Moravian Church, and the Men’s Fellowship of Ardmore United Methodist Church. Many individual donors from all over the state helped push us over the 200% mark. We were aided by a surprise front-page column by Scott Sexton, Aiming High At A Pile of Debt on Dec 31.

Th Debt Jubilee Project has purchased all the available medical debt in Forsyth and surrounding Piedmont counties. In an investigative article, NC Medical News recently revealed that Atrium and Novant, the major health systems in our area, have decided to no longer sell medical debt. We will be working to change this policy so that we can continue to help poor families in our area.

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Herrnhut Award

Herrnhut Award

Trinity has been honored with the HERRNHUT AWARD by the Moravian Church Board of World Mission. This is a recognition of congregations in North America that are doing exemplary mission and service work both in their local communities as well as in global mission efforts. This award has been given to only one other Moravian Congregation at this point.

The Rt. Rev. Chris Giesler and Rev. Angelica Regalado presented the award in our January 28th service, not only to recognize the recent Debt Jubilee Project, but also LOGOS, our children’s ministry, our support of Anthony’s Plot. and our founding of Sunnyside Ministry. To read the entire proclamation, click HERE.

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2024 Unity Prayer Watch

2024 Unity Prayer Watch

This Sunday, Jan 7, Trinity is responsible for eight hours of the worldwide Unity Prayer Watch – from midnight until 8:00 am.  We have divided the eight hours into 16 half-hour slots.  Please click on this link:


To sign up for a slot.

You can download a PDF guide of prayer topics from our website at


Thank you for being a link in this unbroken chain!

Pastor John

P.S. The free version of Signupgenius which we are using will probably present you with several “free” offers after you sign up. I recommend you decline these unless you are really interested in one.

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Debt Jubilee Goes VIRAL!

Debt Jubilee Goes VIRAL!

Yes, the Debt Jubilee Project went viral on April 12-13 – no kidding!  We were viral on Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit, where the story from WXII-12  was posted and reposted.

TikTok – 13.5 Million views

Twitter – 28.8 Million views

Reddit – Top Favorites page on 4/12, 3,300 comments.

As a result, we were mentioned on the syndicated radio programs the Bobby Bones Show and the Glenn Beck Show.

Listen to Glenn Beck Show – begins at 13:40

Listen to Bobby Bones Show – begins at 50:30

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$3.3M Medical Debt Forgiven!

$3.3M Medical Debt Forgiven!

It was announced today that the recent Davidson County campaign was able to purchase and forgive $3,296,863.64 in medical debts.

  • Davidson County: 3,133 individuals totaling $2,988,937.45
  • Davie County: 155 individuals totaling $192,815.53
  • Yadkin County: 67 individuals totaling $115,110.66

The average medical debt forgiven was about $1,000.

When poor families cannot afford to pay their medical debts, after initial collection attempts, the debts are often sold off to third party debt collectors for a penny on the dollar or less in a practice called factoring. The third party collector then has the legal right to demand the entire amount. Some use very aggressive tactics. This is where our Debt Jubilee Project, working with RIP Medical Debt, can intervene and purchase the debts – but we forgive them rather than collecting. Watch out for the next Debt Jubilee campaign!

For more information on the Debt Jubilee Project, visit the website at debtjubileeproject.org.

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Unity Prayer Watch 2023

Unity Prayer Watch 2023

This Saturday, January 7, is Trinity’s turn at the great Unity Prayer Watch. Every minute of every day, a Moravian somewhere is praying for the ministry of the Moravian Church. We have again been assigned the hours of Midnight to 8:00 am.

Please consider signing up for a 30 minute slot — or perhaps splitting a slot with a spouse or friend. We will all be praying at our homes.

You can download a Prayer Guide that will guide you through prayer for all our provinces and ministries. DOWNLOAD HERE.


This prayer watch, inspired by the “Hundred Year Prayer Watch” in Herrnhut, has continued unbroken since 1957.

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