Virtual Church Council

Our congregation is required in its bylaws to hold an annual Church Council - on the second Sunday of November "or such other time as is set by the Board."  Based on the recommendation of the PEC, the Board postponed the meeting until January, and then in January had to postpone it again.  Finally, they decided to hold a Virtual Church Council.  Every household should have received a mailing with Church Council reports.  That document can be downloaded as a PDF here:


Here is a video version of the "State of the Church" report from Pastor John Jackman:

The current Board includes:


      • Pastor John Jackman (Chair)
      • Gary Stilley (Vice Chair)
      • *Linda Shouse (Secretary)
      • Angie Fisher
      • Bonnie Russell
      • Bobby Hege
      • Ronald Robertson
      • *Shirley Mullis
      • *Terri Cheek
      • Terri Mabe
      • *Greg Gentle (Salem Congregation Trustees)
      • Tammy Bass (Salem Congregation Elders)

*Going off this year after one term – eligible to run again


We need to elect THREE new board members and ONE Salem Congregation Trustee.

For Church Board:

      • Mary Bergstone
      • June Edwards
      • Paul Sluder

For Salem Congregation Trustee:

      • Greg Gentle
      • Tripp May

Since we need to elect three local Board members, and three were nominated (there were no additional nominees from the floor) then we will vote to accept the slate as put forward by the Nomination Committee.

The Nominating Committee nominated Greg Gentle to run again for an additional term on Salem Congregation Central Trustees.  An additional nomination was received from the floor for Tripp May.  Therefore, when you vote, you will cast a vote for either Br Gentle or Br May.



Members who do not have access to the internet - or anyone who has difficulty voting for any reason -- can call the Church Office at (336) 724-5541 and leave a message to vote.  Please leave your NAME, state whether you accept the slate of the NOMINATING COMMITTEE, and state which person you vote for to serve on SALEM CONGREGATION TRUSTEES.  Those votes will be manually tallied and added to the results of the online poll.